Free/Cheap SW Dev Projects Hosting

I was in search for hosting a project I started lately. My requirements were simple: a revision control or configuration management system (like svn) and a bug tracker (or defect management tool comprising IEEE 1044). Third requirement was a private account for at least two developers (it’s a closed source project).

Over Twitter isohypser recommended Codebase or Unfuddle. I chose Codebase because there you can get a free account including Subversion and a bug tracker. Exactly what I needed!

End Of Life

Turned off some of our old servers today. Nice uptimes (not world records, but nevertheless not bad)! We had them in operation for more than six years. R.I.P. arwen and galadriel!

In eigener Sache: Domaintransfer

Meine Domain wurde in den letzten Tagen zu World4You transferiert. Bisher gab es keine Probleme, diverse Umstellungspannen sind aber nicht ganz ausgeschlossen, da ich nicht mehr wie bisher die volle Kontrolle über den Server habe.

Gestern gab’s hier noch ein paar Redirect-Unstimmigkeiten, da die www-Subdomain auf die Hauptdomain weiterleitete et vice versa: Endlosschleife.