I’ve lost 20kg of body weight in the last 6 months without any diet (ok, without any particular diet I am aware, it’s more like living the same way like before, but better). W00t!


  • Sports: First three months I had training for the half marathon in Linz, I occasionaly run now,
  • Alcohol: I almost do not drink beer anymore, more wine, (rule of thumb: less time with friends, less beer! 😉 ), I drink a lot of water if possible,
  • Food: I changed my eating behaviour slightly; first of all I don’t eat late in the evening anymore — what I used to do almost every day, and second I eat less (please don’t ask me how I managed this; there must exist a correlation between eating less and the consumption of more organic and whole meal food) and more organic food, fruits and vegetables,
  • And most important: She, the best woman in the world. But, well, you don’t live on love alone …

Besides that I still eat (dark) chocolate, sweets, cakes, barbecue and meat as always. From my opinion all changes were definitely minor changes and they do not affect my life in any negative way.

I find it rather interesting that I began to dislike Mc Donald’s food and other greasy stuff like potato chips. But I really love my self made Pizza, like before.

I will try to loose another 10kg of weight for being on my ideal body weight again, after 20 years 😉 – hmm, I should also try to get the sixpack back again!