Here is my 2008 todo-list (order doesn’t reflect priority!):

[+] drive a motorbike,

[+] climb the Traunstein,

[+] run an half marathon,

[+] live my life more actively,

[?] listen – don’t talk,

[+] be and live more environmentally aware,

[+] eat more organic food,

[+] buy from local stores,

[+] help if someone is in need,

[o] listen more to music at home and play more guitar,

[-] teach my offspring to play a musical instrument,

[+] be more polite,

[?] don’t buy things I really don’t need,

[+] be human,

[+] be consciuous,

[-] read Ludwig v. Bertalanffy’s GST book,

[+] learn something new every day

Hmm, long time gone. Today I’ve different goals, but those old ones are still important to me.