Here you can download the latest CopyAllUrls release.

CopyAllUrls is a Firefox extension that copies and pastes all URLs of open tabs including history in structured and well defined form to and from the clipboard. The latest CopyAllUrls version works and has successfully been tested under Windows (only Win7, 32 + 64 bit).

Comments And Bugs

If you have some comments or found any defects please comment below or send me a short message to juergen (at)

All useful bugs, comments and proposed features will be considered for upcoming releases.

Make a donation if you like CopyAllUrls!

Current Stable Release Version 0.9.9@2012/05/30 – Release for Firefox >12 (runs on future versions, tested on Firefox 33.0!)

Download here: CopyAllUrls 0.9.9 Download (for MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)


  • Version 0.9.4 2011/04/14 (CopyAllUrls 0.9.4 Download)
    • Ready for Firefox 4, tested with the latest FX4
  • Version 0.9.1 2010/01/26 (CopyAllUrls 0.9.1 Download)
    • Ready for Firefox 3.6, tested with the latest FX3.6
  • Version 0.9.0 2009/07/03 (CopyAllUrls 0.9.0 Download)
    • Ready for Firefox 3.5, tested with the latest FX3.5
  • Version 0.8.1 2008/05/21 (CopyAllUrls 0.8.1 Download)
    • Ready for Firefox 3, tested with the latest FX3RC1
  • Version 0.8.0 2007/12/26 (CopyAllUrls 0.8.0 Download)
    • Ready for Firefox 3, tested with the latest FX3B2
  • Version 0.7.1 2006/10/19
    • Ready for Firefox 2, tested with the latest FX2RC3 and FX1.5
    • Templating system for copied urls, predefined templates for essential markups
    • Hot-Keys for most functions (Copy, Paste, Options, Open Tabs)
    • Moved menu entry from tools to edit
    • Bug in dialog „Open Tabs“ (was „Open URLs“) fixed
    • New options dialog
    • CAU is able to copy history of tabs
    • Simple copy and paste possible with STRG+ALT+C, STRG+ALT+V
    • Now you can paste (directly or by using the „Open Tabs“ dialog) any text containing urls
  • Version 0.6.2 2006/03/15
    • New option for line breaks between url-entries.
  • Version 0.6.1 2006/01/27
    • Bug filed by Javier Jarava: Mozilla browser is now supported again (but it may have some strange side effects like doubled menu entries)
  • Version 0.6.0 2006/01/25
    • Myself: Version 0.6.1 is already prepared for Firefox,
    • Bugs filed by Charles Ross: You now can copy urls without titles (see options), there was bug in line breaks in windows (line breaks are now platform specific)
    • Bugs filed by Lee Dennis: Changed menu hotkey from <Alt+T+C> to <Alt+T+A>
    • Bugs filed by MikeThGr: There was a problem with tiny urls (works fine now)
    • Bugs filed by Cronyx Ravage: wrong line breaks in notepad.exe
    • Bugs filed by Imre Simon: ReST syntax now corrected
  • Version 0.5.0 2005/12/02, changes: now working with Firefox 1.5, some other minor changes
  • Version 0.4.1, Changes: HTML copy fixed, now uses <h4> tag instead of <h3> and title is linked too.
  • Version 0.4, Changes: Now works (officially) with Firefox 1.0+.

ToDo List

  • i18n
  • Code refactoring

185 Kommentare

  1. Hi. i begin with programation to firefox addons, can you teaching like make to tell url of the bar directions?

    hola. comienzo a programar en addons para firefox, podrías enseñarme como hacer para tomar la direccion que se escribe en la barra de direcciones?

  2. @GoosFancito: Most extensions *.xpi are simply zip compressed archives. Just open it with some zip archiver and edit included files. It’s all documented in the sources and there are some great instructional web sites on building Firefox extensions out there. Google is your friend.

  3. Hello.

    What about a build supporting latest Firefox3? I cannot install this even if having the Nightly Testing Tools.


  4. Jürgen,

    thanks for this great extension.

    I understand only having a certain amount of time.

    The current FF3 version is Beta 5. Please release a version of Copy All URLs that will work with Beta 5 or even RC1 as soon as you reasonably can.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks very much for this very useful add-on. However, in my opinion, it would be better if the menu items would be consistent across all the menu pop-ups from CopyAllURLs. In the Edit>CopyAllURLs menu, the items are Copy, Paste, Open Tabs, Options, whereas the one in the toolbar menu only has copy and paste. While there are keyboard shortcuts, it would be much convenient if the toolbarbutton and the context menu pop-up would have the complete list of menu items like in the Edit>CopyAllURLs menu pop-up. Additionally, the toolbarbutton takes up too much space and it would be better if it would have the standard size of 16px by 16px. Thanks once again.

  6. CopyAllUrls should allow to set a delay to open pages. Certain sites/domains do not enjoy aggressive loading.

  7. Delay to open tabs would really be a kicking feature. However, in the meantime, if any of you need to do so on Windows, here is a little batch file. Save it as opentabs.bat and, drag and drop any text files with a list of valid URLs. Enjoy.

    SET BROWSER=firefox.exe

    IF [%1] == [] GOTO DONE
    FOR /f „tokens=1,2“ %%U IN (‚TYPE %1‘) DO CALL :READFILE %%U

    START %BROWSER% -new-tab „%*“


  8. I’ve been using your extension for quite a number of months, and I love it.
    Thank you. . . . and here you know what comes next . . . but:
    if only it would be possible to do the following two things, I would be a happy being:

    1.- be able to select a subset of tabs – Copy(Almost)AllUrls as it were by choosing some tabs (with a check box or something on the tabs) out of a set of open tabs;

    2.- be able to copy url of single page – a third option in context menu added to „Copy Ctrl+Alt+C“ and „Paste Ctrl+Alt+C“ – (to avoid having to go to the address bar . . .)

    Thank you again, and I hope that you consider these worthwhile suggestions.

  9. sorry, but I also thought of two other features which I think would be wonderful on this extension:

    continued from my previous entry . . .

    3.- have an option for the copied urls to be formatted in a web page. I often keep a list of urls as a web page (by inserting them between „“some titles“ “ and „“). It would be really cool to have the possibility of just entering a title and to save it;

    4.- to enable local pages (i.e. file:///mnt/soimething/alittle.htm or in Windows file://C: . . .) to function when using Copy All Urls . . .-> Paste.

    Thank you again.

  10. I keep trying to install Version 0.8.1, and it „SEEMS TO“ install, but it keeps showing up as Version 0.8.0. Is it me, or is this a bug? Thanks.

  11. Fantastic Extension. I use it all the time. I was devastated when FireFox 3.0.1 told me there was no upgrade. I was pleased to do a Google search and fine the 0.8.1 update. It installed perfectly and works great! Thanks!

    I was just wondering why the update is not available through the FireFox Add-Ons Find Updates button. If I had been paying closer attention, I might not have upgraded to FireFox 3.0.1 if I had known that this valuable extension might not be upgradable. I’m really glad that it actually is upgradable.

    The “Copy Tab History” option looks cool. I’m sure it will come in handy sometime soon.

    Thanks again. I’m really happy with the extension just the way it is.

  12. Hi Scott,

    thanks for using my extension.

    I really don’t know why the update is not available through the firefox update, but perhaps it’s related to a small „bug“ that leaves the extension’s version number at 0.8.0 (see comments before) instead 0.8.1. I will see what I can do!

  13. Great extension, at last I find there’s an update. I would also love one that would allow me to save all tabs opened, not only urls. This would be great for research purposes, as you can actually file the contents and then work offline. Is there such an extension? If not, I would be the first to welcome it! Greetings

  14. hello,
    i like this extension. but please consider to let the user change the title of the context-menu item.
    „Copy All URLs“ is NOT self-explanatory if the user want to copy all the urls from the open tabs only…
    i searched and tried to copy all the urls on a website and found your extension in the contextmenu, which, i thought, could copy all the urls on the current page. but your extension does not copy the urls from a page, it copies the urls from all the open tabs. thats a good feature, but it has to be obvious by its name, what it does.

    thanks anyway for this neat little helper.

  15. Excellent plugin.

    But there is still a problem with the Firefox addons site saying it is incompatible with Firefox 3.x. That is a shame as many potential users will not think to visit your home page to get the latest version.

    And Firefox 3.1 is just around the corner. I am thinking of trying beta 2 when it is released.

  16. @ csalsa: I know that and I already submitted the extension twice but I got not message from the addons site maintainer why they don’t publish my extension there. I will try to resubmit it once again after I fixed some bugs, I think the current „version numbering bug“ could be a problem, but I am not sure as I did not get any feedback from them.

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  18. I would like to know how to just copy one tab url with the right click. Some of our computers do it and this one just copies ALL the tabs urls open. That is so not helpful for us.


    1. Kathy, CopyALLUrls copies all open Tab-URLs of one specific browser window. There’s no way to copy just one from this extension. But you can always copy the URL from the address bar.

  19. hi,
    when you choose the option copy with titles, then it all gets messed up. Links are not valid with broken syntax. ANd naturally, when you click on one, you’ll get a browser error message.

    nice extension, but still requires a lot of debugging.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    God (Yeah, c’est lui-meme)!

  20. Thank you for this useful add-on.

    Apparently, fragment identifiers (the anchor identifier after the ‚#‘ hash sign used to link to specific anchors within a page) are ignored when pasting URLs? I find this mildly annoying.

  21. Hi!

    I’ve begun to test FF 3.1 (Beta 3) and it says that CopyAllUrls is not compatible with it, and thus has disabled it. Any idea/plans to update the extension to make it compatible with FF 3.1?

    For me, this is a show stopper as CAU is a must-have for me.

    Thanks a lot


  22. Sorry to be a PITA, but any news about support for FF 3.5/3.1/however they end up deciding to call it?

    I’ve been testing the betas for a while, but I won’t go „live“ until I can use CopyAllUrls.


  23. thanks. it worked. mine is firefox 3.0.1 beta. so, add on is not compatible with latest browser. i searched in google. i saw this site. i downloaded & installed

    Version 0.8.1 2008/05/21 (CopyAllUrls 0.8.1 Download)
    * Ready for Firefox 3, tested with the latest FX3RC1

    thats it, it installed.
    i am happy. i am in to SEO(online marketing).


    -tulasi ram reddy
    hyderabad, india

  24. Hey Jurgen, don’t want to sound mean, but with the release of 3.5RC are there any plans for an update?

    Firefox without CopyAllUrls is not Firefox.. =)

    Thanks a lot for your great work!

  25. Hi, I love CopyAllUrls, it would have saved me a lot of time had I known about it before!

    It would be great to be able to copy all the urls of tabs in all open windows. Right now it copies the urls for all the tabs in only the current window.


  26. It would be very useful to have a version that is compatible with the new Firefox 3.5. It is a pity we cannot use this extension anymore.

  27. The only addon keeping me from installing Firefox 3.5. So useful. Thanks for your work. I will donate with an update to 3.5

  28. Hey there,

    Can you please change the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+V and „C“ it’s conflicting with another addon called „clipping“ i’ve been using clipping for so long and can’t life without it.

    I really want to use copyallurls .. can you please change these shortcuts?


    1. Well, changing this would be easy, but how could I find a shortcut that does not conflict with any installed addon?

      There’s a list for some FX addons and their shortcuts respectively, „Clipping“ is not listed there but a different addon called „AVIM“ uses the same shortcut. Changing CAU’s shortcuts would possibly be an inacceptable change for a lot of other people using my addon (but then I recognized that „Clipping“ has more than double downloads, hmm … 🙂 ).

      After all I would really appreciate a solution where you could change the shortcut on your own. Let me find a solution first!

  29. Hey there, Have installed it successfully from the Mozilla add-ons site. But still unable to understand how does it work? Do I have to manually enable some options to make it start work? I am unable to see any options in my Browser regarding this. Please Help

  30. hi, thank you for this very useful addon.
    It works well however i have encountered some bugs.

    There is a bug with addon BarTab. With BarTab installed, CopyAllURLs can NOT read the names of UNLOADED tabs correctly. It reads the URL as name and outputs 2 lines of the same URL. Please see the review by number6 on September 3, 2010 [ ]

    There is also a bug with CopyAllURLs‘ function „Copy Tab History“. If you DO NOT ENABLE this function, and you put the „$tab“ in the markup section, then the „$tab“ markup will NOT WORK. It will show „undefined“ instead of the tab number.

    Can you please fix these 2 bugs?

    thank you.

  31. Hi!

    Sorry to be a pain – I really thank you for the great job you’ve done at the moment in making such a useful add-on… and I guess the „price“ for being so useful is that we’ll always be asking for more…

    … to be precise, I’m asking about support for FF 4.x, is there any idea of when might we expect to have it?

    Thanks a lot!


    1. I’m very busy these days, so I postboned the FX 4.0 version. I already submitted one, but Mozilla complained about some missing „features“. These will take some time unfortunately. But, I promise to submit a new version soon!

      1. I’m sorry to be a pain – I find your extension so valuable that I’m holding off updating to FF 4.0 until it works there. I understand that you have other priorities, and I’m very grateful for the work you’ve done to keep it updated and working for so long…. but I have to ask: do you have an estimate of when you might find the time to update the extension for 4.0? If there is anything I might do to help the process, please ask…

      2. Hey there,

        I was hoping there was an update for 4.x.

        It’s the last extension I use on a daily basis that’s stopping me from using the new version.

      3. Hi!!

        I know I’m likely being a pest, but although I’m fully aware that developing this extension is something you do on your spare time (and I appreciate the effort), is there any chance that you might find the time to update it for 4.0?

        I really would like to upgrade, but being without this utility is something I can’t really do!

        If there is something I can do to help the process along, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

        Best Regards, and sorry for the bother.


        Thanks a

      4. Hello! I wanted to add that I too would appreciate it very much if you can release a FF4 version.

        Thanks for such an awesome extension!

  32. Always the same with new firefox versions. This time this extension has the honor of preventing me from updating.

  33. Hello.

    Well, Firefox 4.0 has taken a long time to arrive and was finally released officially today. I know updating CopyAllURLs to work with Firefox 4.0 isn’t necessarily a trivial matter due to changes in Firefox 4.0, but please update CopyAllURLs when you can.

    Thank you in advance and keep up the great work!


  34. Hi, Jürgen.

    Firefox 4.0 was released a few days ago and I would like to put another vote of support out there for a Firefox 4.0 compatible version.

    No rush, but I would certainly welcome an upgrade. Keep up the great work…


  35. Hey, a version compatible with firefox 4 is really needed! i don’t know how i can work without it now. great job man! 🙂

  36. HI
    I really enjoy this addon in firefox 3.6, but now firefox is update to 4.0 and now it is not comparability in this version. So can you please update this for firefox 4.0 version

  37. How about just posting your addon here on your site, — forget about Firefox’s bureaucracy and the long time they take to ‚OK‘ things. Lack of update on this and other addons is the reason I’m still using Fx3. I think Firefox’s official addon site and review committee is often ridiculous, and I prefer independent developers. (You could always fix it later for the mozilla review team)

  38. Fantastic Plugin.

    But 9.4 here, 9.2 through Mozilla updater?

    I thought you gave up on this with FF4, come to find out, you just don’t update it? Is this a beta?

  39. Hi,

    I am very happy you already have a compatible version for FF4. But I am hoping you also have this plugin for Google Chrome. I am both using both browser but I am usually using Chrome because its using a little memory compare to my FF.

  40. I have tried 3 times to install the add-on from your website but I do not understand how to do it. My first question is: should I choose „Open with“ or „Save File“ when the first box pops up? I have tried doing both unsuccessfully.

    When I chose „Open with“, I got the pop-window (see below) saying „Windows cannot open this file. What do you want to do? 1) Use the Web service to find the correct program or 2) Select a program from a list of installed programs.“

    I used the 2nd option („Select a program…“) and navigated to „WinZip“. But WinZip listed 26 different files with file extensions that I am not familiar with (i.e., png, js, jar, xul, manifest, and rdf). I had no idea what to do at that point.

    So I started over again and this time, chose „Save File“, saving it to my „Downloads“ folder. After it downloaded, I double-clicked the file „copyallurls-094.xpi“ to open and install, but once again, I got the same pop-up window saying Windows cannot open this file and asking me what program I wanted to open it with.

    Could you please give me step-by-step instructions on how to install the CopyAllUrls extension using the link you provided on your website which downloads the „copyallurls-094.xip“ file? Please include every step and do not assume that readers will know some things on their own without you including it in your instructions.

    Thank you so much. Of all the Firefox extensions I have, CopyAllUrls is the one I use most often, and I would really hate to be without it. Thanks for creating such a useful extension.

  41. In the event someone is like me and having trouble figuring out how to download and install Jürgen R. Plasser’s “copyallurls-094.xpi” file for his extension – CopyAllUrls for Firefox 4, here are the steps:

    1. From Jürgen R. Plasser’s website:, find the download link for the latest release/version for Firefox 4. As of 5/11/11, his latest release is 0.9.4 and the download link is in 2 locations on the web page (see the text containing the 2 links below).

    Current Stable Release Version 0.9.4@2011/04/14 – Release for FX4
    Download here: CopyAllUrls 0.9.4 Download (for MS Windows, Linux and Mac
    OS X)

     Version 0.9.4 2011/04/14 (CopyAllUrls 0.9.4 Download)
     Ready for Firefox 4, tested with the latest FX4

    2. Click either of the 2 download links for CopyAllUrls.

    3. When the pop-up box opens, saying „You have chose to open…“ „What should Firefox do with this file“…“Open with“ or „Save File“, choose “Save File” and click “OK”.

    4. If your computer isn’t set to automatically save downloaded files in a pre-designated location, navigate to an easy to find location on your computer (such as your “Downloads” folder or “Desktop”) and save the folder there.

    5. From Firefox 4 browser, the next step depends on whether you are using Firefox 4’s new trimmed down style (with the “Menu Bar” hidden) or you have the “Menu Bar” showing.

    a. If you are using the new style, click the orange “Firefox” button on the upper left side of the page and from the menu that appears, click “Add-ons” (3rd from bottom in the blue section on the right). This will open the “Add-ons Manager”.

    b. If you have the old-style “Menu Bar” turned on, just go to “Tools” and then click “Add-ons”. The “Add-ons Manager” will open. (Note: If you haven’t figured out how to turn on or reveal the “Menu Bar”, right-click a blank area anywhere in the blue bar at the very top of the page (just to the right of the new orange Firefox button and any open tabs). When you right-click, you will see the option to turn on the “Menu Bar”.)

    6. Once in the “Add-ons Manager”, you will see the cog icon button on the upper right side of page.

    7. Click the cog button and then click “Install Add-on From File”.

    8. Navigate to the location where you saved the “copyallurls-094.xpi” file. (Note: if a newer version has been released, the numbers in the file name will be different than “094”.)

    9. Find the file, select it so that the name of the file now appears in the “File name” box, and click “Open”.

    10. When the Firefox Software Installation box pops up, wait until the countdown for the install finishes, then click the “Install” button.

    11. The CopyAllUrls extension will install immediately and will now appear in your Extensions list where you can change any options, if you like.

    Hope this helps someone!

  42. How do you install your Firefox 4 plugin? When I click it I’m not sure how to open it as it doesn’t automatically choose Firefox by default. When I go in my Mozilla Firefox folder, the application isn’t available.

  43. Hi Jürgen

    I am a CAU fan since many years ago (i also have my own es-MX localized version).

    Only a suggest:
    Can you change the ID „key_paste“ to something like „key_pasteurls“ please?

    *The current overrides the default from paste text, so Paste command can’t be listed in KeyConfig list.

    And please, make all menu instances more consistently (show same entries in the 3 instances: Context Menu, Edit Menu & Button Menu), also a new instance in Tabs context menu would be appreciate (best if we can choice what instances to show and what no).

    Sorry for my very bad „Spanglish“ 🙁

    Thank you very much again, and greetings from Mexico.

    1. Hi Juan,

      I know, CAU is old and I haven’t updated the code since months. I will have to refactor the whole code base once I have time to do that. That’s one reason Mozilla doesn’t accept the addon anymore … 🙁
      Do you have a working localized version, so I can use your code to localize CAU for other languages? If so, please send me your code, this will safe me from a lot of work.


      1. Hi Jürgen

        My translated version includes several other tweaks (all menuitems in toolbar button, ID key_paste changed to key_pasteurls & some few more).

        Right now I have finished a version based on your code (well, actually I made 2 versions).

        Right now I’m about to send you both versions (in the email I’ll explain to you why I made 2 versions)

        Again sorry for my bad „Spanglish“, & greetings from Mexico.

  44. Hi,
    I downloaded and installed CopyAllUrls for FF4. If I remember well, in the earliest version of FF the option was in the Edit menu. Where is it now, I don’t see it?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Michele,

      it’s still in the Edit menu. If it’s not there this may be a bug, please check if the add-on was installed successfully in FF4. Is Strg-Alt-O (Options window) working for you?

  45. Hi Jürgen,
    Thanks for your answer. Yes, it was installed successfuly and it is indicated that it is active, but it’s not in the Edit menu. Maybe it’s because I use the French version of FF?
    Have a nice and sunny day!

  46. Hey, FF5 is ready to come (final is out, autoupdate will gather it in the next days), is there an updated version?
    Keep up the good work …

  47. Hi Jürgen

    Do you already received my mail?

    Working a bit i can get the following fixes:

    – no more error in error console when Open Tabs dialog is shown (the word „Note“ is not displayed as „bold“, and the tag „<b> &lt:/b> produces that error only, so i removed it and the error message is gone)
    – fixed Open Tabs dialog shown a unnecessary scroll-bar (dialog.xul file: added 15px more to the height, and flex value changed to 1 in order to get the contents be corrected resizing the dialog)
    – I already have a version with Copy All Urls sub-menu in Tabs Context menu.
    – I already have another version with „Copy All Urls“ and „Open Tabs“ items only in tabs context menu

    Currently i’m working in another version adding the full menu as popupset in order to be called from the places where must be displayed, also adding ID’s to each menuiten in order to they can be called individually.

    Note: only personal tweaks, I’m not a programmer, I’m only a translator and a very curious person 🙂

    Greetings from Mexico

    1. Hi Juan, yes I’ve received your mail. Thanks for your good work. I plan to release a new CAU version for Firefox 5, but I think, the best will be to refactor the whole code and release a new version coded new from the scratch. As I see Mozilla release a Add-On-Builder with SDK which in fact makes developing and building Add-Ons much easier. Stay tuned! -Jürgen

      1. From what I’ve read almost all FF4 extensions should work fine with FF5, since 4 and 5 are so similar. Could you just bump the max version to have it work with FF5 now instead of waiting for the code rewrite?

        Excellent extension by the way. It’s the sole reason I haven’t upgraded to FF5 (and why I waited so long to upgrade to FF4).

      2. Hi

        Yes, I guess that’s better too…

        If you approve I can share my tweaked versions (already bumped & tested on Firefox 5) until you release the official one.

        What you think about?

        Some screenshots:

        Greetings from Mexico

      3. If you do re-write this extension I’ve got one feature request. It’d be nice to be able to have support for tab groups, even something as simple as grouping the URLs by tab group.

          1. I just recently discovered tab groups myself. I don’t personally use them that often, but for someone who always has dozens of tabs open (like my wife) they are really useful.

          2. I would really like to see support for Tab Groups! I currently have about 100 tabs in 8 groups, so when I use CAU, I get a huge list of links. Ideally, I would like to have an option to only process the active Tab Group. Thanks!

          3. I’m guessing it was’t/isn’t easy then?
            I’ve bene waiting since a few years … 😛

            I tried a bit myself with GreaseMonkey but didn’t get far at all.

  48. hey… just open the xpi with an archiv-manager… and substitute the 4.0.* in the install.rdf with a 5.0.*


  49. Hi

    Jim sagt:
    …but for someone who always has dozens of tabs open (like my wife) they are really useful.

    Like me too! 🙂

    Ever if we can have a option to exclude pinned tabs (App Tabs) as well…

    And power up the button:
    Left click: copy all urls (predefined markup)
    Middle click & Ctrl+click: open „copy as“ menu (list of markups)
    Right click: main menu (view suggested menu)
    Shift+click: paste urls
    Ctrl+Shift+click: open „Open Tabs“ dialog
    Alt+click: options dialog

    Or something like that…

    Main menu suggest:
    Copy – (predefined markup) (in Bold)
    Copy as (menu with the list of markups)
    Paste urls
    Open Tabs…

    Best regards…

  50. When will we get a version compatible with Firefox 6? Thanks for your great work.

    Wann werden wir eine Version kompatibel mit Firefox 6 bekommen? Vielen Dank für Ihre großartige Arbeit.


  51. Ack! I hate this new ‚accelerated release schedule‘. It unnecessarily breaks stuff. I will not upgrade to FF6 until CopyAllUrls will work on it. I’m sure you’re already working on it, but here’s my vote for an update.

  52. AWESOME plugin – saves me so much trouble!!! Thanks for keeping it up to date with FF5. Now I don’t have to worry about all my research tabs getting lost in an ocean of bookmarks – I just hit ctrl-alt-c and POOF LIKE MAGIC it’s all there.

    May God Bless you for helping so many.

  53. Works in FF 8.0 (using Aurora build right now)

    Downloaded XPI. Opened in 7zip (winrar or winzip should work too?) Opened install.rdf in Notepad. Searched for *, found 4.0.*, changed to 8.0.*, saved. Then in Firefox Addons I clicked the Gear and then „Install Add-on From File“.

  54. Grrr, I just upgraded to FF6 and lost CopyAllURLs 🙁

    Will this be updated soon? Any quick way to get this installed and running on my new browser? Any other comparable tools I can use in the meantime?


  55. Firefox 6.0, this plugin have not updated , I didn’t find on the Internet, I hope you can as soon as possible, and I am your development loyal supporters

  56. Hi,

    Sorry to be a pest – YET again!

    I promised myself I’d try to hold back from pestering you for an update to 6.x, but I updated one of my computers to FF6.x and not having the add-on makes working between them a *real* PITA!!

    Any idea of when we might expect an update of the extension for FF6?

    Best Regards and thanks a lot for building such a useful tool! (if it wasn’t so useful, we wouldn’t be pestering you! sorry for that!)

  57. Hi Jurgen,

    Please update this add-on to firefox 9 then you have not problem to update it again please update it ASAP because now i use only firefox 5 because of this add-on i like this add-0n to0 Much! Please Update it.


  58. Please when you have time update this addon to firefox 6,7,8,9 pls i like this addon it help lot.

    Thanks Again,

  59. Will you be upgrading CopyAllUrls to work with Firefox 8? I was duped into upgrading from Firefox 3 and now a number of add-ons are disabled. Thanks for your help.

  60. This is a really great extension, saves me lots of time.

    Could you please update it to work with FF8? Why does it break whenever there’s a Firefox update?

  61. Hi.. I am a travel agent and have to open so many pages at a single time. First i used to do copy paste, copy paste which took my lot of time. Now with the help of your Copyallurls add-on it become easy for me to do my work..

  62. It took me a month finding this addons but unfortunately it is not compatible with FF 10… Hope you will release the latest version soon. It will be a great help for my work. Thanks! I’ll bookmark your page. 🙂

  63. I love CopyAllUrls, but it looks like there is a bug (in FF?).
    I load tabs only when I select them. But when I use CAU with
    title – url
    the title is replaced with the url when the tab is not loaded.
    FF shows the correct title so is it possible that CAU can copy
    it correctly? Copy Url Expert has the same bug.


  64. I found the bug and it’s not CAU. I’ve created my own version of CAU for now until this bug is fixed. I use the tab title instead of the document title.

  65. Although there is no words from the author whether or not this works for FF10 but hey this is already compatible for FF11!

  66. Really. 11? are u sure. be aware telling a lie is a sin nievo. i will come and catch u. jplasser actually has greater things to do .. he is striving for enlightment. that would make him able to fly and shout fireballs out of his palms.

  67. Juergen,

    I have 2 issues:

    1. On more than one occasion, I have attempted to donate money using the PayPal link on your web page. I am not able to complete the process. I believe the problem, at least partially, is that the page is in German, which I do not speak. I only speak English. I have tried using Translator tools to translate each phrase on the page, but then I get errors about not entering the money amount in the proper format. It is difficult to know exactly how much money would be charged to my PayPal account when I am not able to enter the amount in U.S. dollars $$. Is there any way for you to include a link on your page to an all English PayPal page for donations in U.S. dollars?

    2. I have not been able to get your most recent version (0.9.7@2012/01/17 ) of CopyAllUrls to work with Firefox 10. I had to uninstall Firefox 10 and reinstall Firefox 9 just to that I can continue to use CopyAllUrls. I notice that another reviewer, Nievo says:
    15. März 2012 at 10:55
    Although there is no words from the author whether or not this works for FF10 but hey this is already compatible for FF11!

    Is this true that it will work with FF11? I do not want to risk updating to FF11 and then find out that I am not able to use CopyAllUrls with it.

    Thank you for all your work. Out of all the FF add-ons and extensions I use, CopyAllUrls is the one I simply cannot do without!

  68. @Nievo Just tested lates version on FF11 and it works fine! Thank you very much for your comment! Without it and considering the lack of comments form author I would not have even thought to try to install this addon.

  69. Firefox 12 is out there…Any update on new version of Copyallurls compatible for 12.0???…its becoming hard to work without it.

  70. Hello Friends.
    Plz Give Me Help For I have use firefox 12 , but Copyallurls addons is not support. Any friend idea how to this slow.
    Plz help me

  71. Please, make choose of key combination for copy/paste. Ctrl+Alt+C is not comfort to press, or made choose of 2: one is Ctrl+Alt+C, second is Ctrl+Shift+C. Please made it 🙂

  72. On more than one occasion, I have attempted to donate money using the PayPal link on your web page. I am not able to complete the process. I believe the problem, at least partially, is that the page is in German, which I do not speak. I only speak English. I have tried using Translator tools to translate each phrase on the page, but then I get errors about not entering the money amount in the proper format. It is difficult to know exactly how much money would be charged to my PayPal account when I am not able to enter the amount in U.S. dollars $$. Is there any way for you to include a link on your page to an all English PayPal page for donations in U.S. dollars?

  73. Hello,

    I download your plugin, may I know on how to install it on firefox? It says that it has an extension of .xpi, I dont have any clue on how to install it. I really like the way copyallurl works.


  74. the some nice script (CopyAllUrls) but for OPERA web browser, maybe?
    Thank you so much, very nice script… please, for opera too…

  75. I need copy tab URLs add on for Firefox 20.0.1 but i am unable to find till now. If any body have it please provide me

  76. Hey All, I’m sorry, but I quit working on CAU a while ago. I even don’t use Firefox any more as I’ve switched to Chrome and Safari.

    @Keith – got your mail, sorry for my late answer.
    @Gaby – any issues?

    Please don’t wait for updates. I will not provide any updates in the near future.

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