Head First iPhone and iPad Development, 2nd Edition; By Dan Pilone, Tracey Pilone

I started reading „Head First iPhone and iPad Development“ for just one reason: I wanted to learn developing apps on my iPhone and iPad. And I started reading in summer 2013, so at the time of reading it was already two years old. This is more than a lifespan of an ordinary iPhone and for that reason it provided a lot about iOS 5, but not iOS 6, just not to mention the now released iOS 7 and XCode5. So the book is now two major iOS versions late and considerably outdated.

But besides these historical facts I got a really great book to learn developing iOS apps, just right from the very start. I may mention, I have a big deal of experience in programming, but never had developed in Objective-C so far, so this was really a novelty. And I also had never developed for iOS, I just made some Android experiences, so this was new too.

That’s where „Head First iPhone and iPad Development“ comes to the rescue. It was an easy read and very good introduction into iOS and Objective-C. If you know the „Head First“-series you will surely know its very special methodology with great charts and graphics, and lots of visual hints and perfectly nice descriptions, even to rather complex issues. Sometimes I didn’t like the frequent repetitions, but they are great for memorizing and help with more complex examples. It’s a little bit like in school and gives you a childish feeling, which I not always apreciated. But it’s ok for a primer.

Because of the old XCode version used in the book, it’s not so easy to complete all examples (with XCode4 and later), respectively the ones in the later chapters. I recommend to wait for the 3rd edition coming out in December 2013, but I’m afraid it will already be outdated (?), as Apple released iOS7/XCode5 not so long ago.

To summarize my review, the book is nicely written, with some great examples, making use of an effective and educational methodology, but sadly the book is awfully outdated. I loved it though!